Nov 19, 2011

One fewer 3rd party Chrome extension!

One of the first Chrome extensions I install is Disconnect, quickly followed by Flashblock.

But it always made me nervous because these extensions can basically do anything on any page. Read your email, look at your bank statements, etc... even on secure pages.

So I'm always super happy when I can uninstall an extension and by enabling Chrome's built-in Plugin Blocker, FlashBlock is no longer required.

Steps are easy:
1. In Chrome, navigate in this settings url:

2. Then under "Plug-ins" select Block all.

3. Disable or uninstall FlashBlock:chrome://settings/extensions 

Plug-in blocking in action
You'll have to re-enable it on some sites, but it's basically just like the FlashBlocker with out some 3rd party author having access to all pages.

When you first land on a page with flash, you'll see grey puzzle piece. You have two choices.

1. If you just want to enable a single flash area without allowing it for the whole site forever, just right click on the puzzle and select Run this plugin:

2. It makes sense to just enable flash on youtube. So you can use the puzzle piece shown in the address bar to allow it to run on the whole site ever time you visit. This makes sense for banking sites, too:

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