Aug 16, 2011

How to get all your facebook friends on Circles without nagging

You can post a link to Facebook allowing friends to invite themselves and then limit that FB post to just friends.

Step 1. Go to your Google+ page.

Step 2. Find the Invite Friends link on the page

Step 3. Select All and Copy the link provided. (Hint: right click on the text edit field.)

Step 4. In Facebook, Click Status, type your message.

Step 5. Paste your URL and click Status AGAIN. Facebook tries to change the post type to Link; however, the url is https so FB isn't going to show a decent description.

Step 6. IMPORTANT. Change the sharing default popup to Friends! You might want to tell your friends to NOT RESHARE it since that feature is in Circles, not Facebook.

Step 7. Click Share.

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